Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sorry for the delay in posting...I'm a couple weeks overdue, I know.

You may have noticed a new name of this blog (see banner's no longer "Why Radio Sucks"). We'll talk about the reason for the change later.

For this week, I'm curious to know:

Was there a defining moment in your career when you knew "we" (the industry) were in trouble?

For me it was about five years ago at a remote, when a mother and her 9-year-old daughter approached our tent and table on the way into the mobile phone store.

The two approached our prize wheel and I greeted them. The mother, enthusiastically points to our banner, looks to her daughter and says, "Katie, look! Is that the station you listen to?"

I'll never forget the look on the young girl's face. It was a look of confusion, almost bewilderment, as she reluctantly answered, "I don't know?" In fact, she admitted that she didn't know the name of any local radio station. "I just listen to my iPod," she admitted.

I thought to myself, "You mean she doesn't listen to the Top 40 station every day after school when she's doing her homework? She doesn't listen to and keep track of The Top 8 at 8? She doesn't think the night jock is a superstar? How could this be???"

The mother, clearly embarrassed, grabbed the girl's hand and led her away from the prize table, into the store.

Of course, examples like the above are only too common nowadays...but I remember the initial impact hearing that for the first time had on me: "You mean you're a kid, and you don't even know what stations exist in your own town?" I thought. It was definitely a tough pill to swallow, and a reflection of a depressing trend and rough times to come.

So what specific event made you realize rough times were coming? What one event will be forever scarred in your brain?