Friday, January 7, 2011

Okay Radio: You Want a Ted Williams, Here Are Hundreds More Ready To Go!

This is a continuation of my Ted Williams post from yesterday, if you haven't seen it, please read it here.

Corporate radio, VPs, station owners, and voice over agencies...I know you're kicking yourself that you weren't quick enough to snatch up Ted Williams, but that's OKAY! Lucky for you, there just might be a few more qualified, out-of-work, radio folk out there! And most of these guys haven't even had drug problems!

Kid Corona
Experience includes mornings on KXOL/Latino 96.3 Los Angeles, KSFM Sacramento, KRQ Tucson, KPTY Phoenix. Hungry, talented, hard working, and ready to go!

I am a passionate personality, who will probably never get over my love affair with radio. Some of the stations I have been on are: "Y95"/KOY-FM, "Hot 102"/WLUM, KRQQ, KOHT, KNST, KDKO, "Power 1450"/KKPW, "Power 1490"/KJYK, KIIM, (Country) 1290 KCUB, "104.1 The Hog"/KKHG, "790 Mighty KCEE", "97.1 Cool FM"/KWFM, "Cool 1450", 580 KIKX, and KAIR.

Mucho Martinez
Nights, middays, afteroons, mixshows, mornings, promotions, MD, APD, experience. Worked in Tucson, Bakersfield, LA, Nogales; KOFH, KOHT, KBDS, KRQQ, Spanish, English, Spanglish...this bum has a radio voice in multiple languages.

Fox Feltman
20 years radio and voice over experience. Program Director, Operations Manaager, Air Talent. Multi Format (CHR, Hot AC, Classic Hits). Worked in Markets such as Philadelphia, Monmouth-Ocean, New Orleans & Atlantic City. Looking for work, have a family of four. I can help you, please help me!!,, (850) 368-0712

DJ Juanito
'Member me? Hell,if it will worked for a bum on the street I might as well give it a shot, 'cause Lord knows I've tried everything else!!! When you think of the first man to set foot on the moon who do you think of? If you guessed Neil Armstrong your correct! How about the first movie ever made? Roundhay Garden Scene in 1888, and the first song a human ever recorded? That would be Au Clair de la Lune in 1860! Wow! And if you've ever wondered what was the first song ever released on Universal Records, that would be Feels So Good, written and produced in 1996 by me. I went down in music history and can't get a radio mixer gig to save my life! I will mix and produce for food! And if you want back to back HITS, I'm talking real hit records, then come talk to me! I'll see you soon on the freeway off ramp! I'll make sure to have my turntables and mixer with me!

Davin & Ana
Collectively worked in Denver, Phoenix, LA, Boston, Providence, Sacramento, Tucson, & more... Call letters include: KIIS, KZZP, KKFR, KONN, KQKS, KBPI, WWKX, WCLB, KSFM, KRQQ, more!

Joe "Verb" Arrigo
KKUU Palm Springs (U92.7) Morning Show Host/APD 2002-2004, KXPS Palm Springs (Team 1010) Sports Talk Host 2002-2004, Co-Creator of "The Basement" on KKUU Palm Springs (2008-present), KQCM 29 Palms, CA PD/Morning Show host 2004-2008.

Lost my job after I broke his arm in 2008. Looking to get back on air. Would love to get back into sports talk, but also would love to get back into CHR/Top 40.

Kevin "Slow Jammin'" James
The "original" Slow Jams creator, Kevin has worked at KHHT/Los Angeles, WHUR/Washington DC, and WKYS/Washington DC. He has his own studio and just wants to do a show again.

Heather Larson
Experience includes mornings at KZZP/Phoenix. I have experience as a morning radio personality and producer, broadcast entertainment news writer, SEO content writer, freelance magazine and web journalist, podcaster, niche blogger, and web news editor. I just graduated from Boston University in May 2010, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Liberal Studies, or BLS. I attended online from Phoenix, Arizona. I also hold a certificate in journalism from Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, as well as three certificates in radio broadcasting from Ohlone Collge in Fremont, California.

And finally, although this video is not a radio person looking for work,
I felt it fit the topic...


Out-of-work radio peeps...send your pic or video and info to
Thanks to my Slow Jams Pal Lisa St. Regis (KISQ) for this great idea.


  1. Good luck you all I remember all of you on the air in Tucson!!!!

  2. lETS KEEP THIS GOIN!!! Nice work Dub!!

  3. Hey Rich! Should I enter??? Bwahahahaha!

  4. Another former Phoenix/Tucson jockJanuary 7, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    I wonder how a national out of work broadcaster "Stand on a Street Corner with a sign" day would work. I would bet it could get some national attention if done right.

  5. Wow, that was incredible! REAL stories of out-of-work radio people. I knew a few names mentioned in here: Kid Corona (KSFM), DJ Juanito (KHHT), Kevin "Slow Jammin" James (KHHT)
    I used to listen to Kevin when I would come home late, and tired from a night out, his show was very chill, and I loved it! Now it's auto play daytime music after midnight. KEEP IT UP R DUB!

  6. Exactly, Daniel. All replaced by machines or un-skilled "liner-readers" pushing a website on-air. Sorry man.

  7. Broadcasters should unionize across the country, not just major east coast cities, etc. It could help us all out a lot.. For example, at the union shops in DC, voice tracking is LIMITED to only a small portion of the programming. And there's a minimum salary (scale) etc. I know that unions aren't perfect, but they DO help keeping broadcasting companies from completely taking advantage of their employees (or lack thereof)

  8. Thanks again for having this platform for us outta work talent to showcase our talent and hopefully we'll all be back bring the awesome soon. Keep it pushing gang!!!