Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm not a bitter old radio jock going around complaining about "the good ol' days," I promise...

But lately, anyone in radio will agree just how downright depressing things see how awful radio has gotten; the worst part being that our own industry has destroyed it. We've taken what was once an art, and slowly transformed it into nothing more than an insignificant jukebox with commercials and liner-readers for jocks.

We watch the steady decline in radio listenership, and witness new generations growing up without a passion for radio, but yet do nothing about fact, we just keep making it worse!

It's essential to understand that this blog is more than just a tool to vent. But rather an open discussion. And after we "complain" on this board, it's important that we come up with some solutions, and answers to the problems plaguing an industry that dies a little more each day. And a meaningless death it is...because we are doing it to ourselves.

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  1. I totally agree R-Dub!!! The "product" is suffering because CEO's trying to "save" why not cut their salaries..why affect the jocks and the product!?! Radio has gotten worse, and I hate to say it..they are letting go of the old school talented jocks to save money and hire those they can make "puppets on a string" and let them read liners and push a website..please!!! And all the while any radio ad looking for "talent" says.."no liner card readers" can you be creative and engaging with a listener on the air when they don't even want you hitting the post anymore..PD's now say: "if you are talking more than ten seconds you are talking too much!..if you can't get your message across in 10 seconds you have no business being on the air" well Mr. PD, here's the takes 5 seconds to get the slogan out and another 5 to push the website..then what? no time for anything else...yes less is more..but compelling, entertaining, and informative radio WINS!!!! so what if takes 24 seconds to say's still one thought!!!

  2. Guys..

    I've been off the air as a morning show since '09.. Yeah all the downsizing & cuts was a part of it.. But mostly it's because the SHOW we did was something that was content based and did REALLY well..

    The other part is that I actually fear taking a new job now.. Sounds funny huh? Most of my / our experience has been in larger to major markets.. Denver, Phoenix, LA, Providence, Boston, etc. As we search for a "good home" for our show, there's simply NOT many openings where they want a "show".. OR.. they (people like CC or CBS) Are just piping IN a show for the sake of costs, etc. For example, even in a town like Phoenix, They're piping Elvis Duran in instead of having a live local morning show.

    As you know, PHX is NOTHING like East coast radio. And to unseat guys who've been there a while like Jon Jay & Rich, Etc, You need someone who can relate and be ON the ground there.

    And NOTHING against Elvis.. Nice, good guy, good show, etc. It's the "default setting" that Radio in general is moving towards that makes it suck. There's GOT to be a surge of owners (smaller ones) who'll make decisions to WIN, not just "be in business" in order to turn things around. Otherwise everyone is just going to turn over control to the huge companies.. I have MANY more thoughts coming.. but this one is long enough for now..

  3. One more thing..

    As a vet talent who's been looking for a "good situation" for awhile.. I find that in nearly ALL the larger "good" markets, the mantra is "PPM". I think this will eventually turn around, but for now.. they typically want everything in tiny bursts of info instead of content longer than a minute or so..

    The problem I have with this is, there's not much time there for content shows (especially new ones to the market) to REALLY develop a real relationship with the listeners. Even in NYC I has friends who work for CBS who aren't allowed to speak for more than 10-15 secs at a time..

    I don't hear much about PDs really developing talent now due to this "new formula for PPM". And I'm not talking about developing GREEN Talent... I'm talking about developing shows that DO WELL in PPM markets without having to just shut everything down.

    There's GOT To be a better way for radio to compete than just being a better "ipod" to the listener. After all, PEOPLE who listen haven't changed. They're still people who's buttons get pushed by compelling content, exposing the humanity of people, etc.. I know music is the main reason they choose a station.. but why should they STAY If they have multiple outlets for their favorite song?

    Good Job R-Dub, on providing this outlet. BTW, Feel free to visit anytime.

  4. Good thoughts, and I agree.

    Let me add that radio will NEVER be a better "iPod" to the listener. When was the last time you loaded 12 minutes of commercials and songs you didn't like in your iPod.

  5. Word, I think you would enjoy the documntary "Before the Music Dies"
    heres a link

    It covers the watering down of the product