Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Radio Industry vs. The Restaurant Industry

Obviously, you've noticed the downsizing of radio...there's a good chance you've been affected by it. You definitely have friends and colleagues who have.

Here's what I don't get, and what makes zero sense:

Yes, we're in "hard times." The economy is bad. Advertisers are spending less...

But what's the ONE thing you DON'T cut in any business? The product.

Yes, the product.

Think about it. When McDonald's has a tough year, do you suddenly get a BigMac with just one patty, along with the excuse that they are "cutting back to save costs?" Is your soda cup only halfway filled?

Same goes for any other business on the planet earth! Do you buy a new shirt at Old Navy that now comes with only half the buttons? "We're cuttin' back!" Or a car with no passenger seat. "Sorry, times are tough!" Of course not.

So why in the world does the radio industry think that we can do that and get away with it?

I get "cutting" in general. I own a small business. When times are lean, you spend less, and cut spending. But you don't cut the "product" or your customers will go elsewhere.

Radio can cut the 80% of other costs--advertising and marketing, salaries, support staff. But they made a mistake by cutting the product--what comes through the speakers.

We can't get away with it and we're not getting away with it, that's just the problem. Taking the very thing out of radio that makes it unique--the personality--is the reason why radio is dying in front of our very eyes.

See ya next week.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm not a bitter old radio jock going around complaining about "the good ol' days," I promise...

But lately, anyone in radio will agree just how downright depressing things see how awful radio has gotten; the worst part being that our own industry has destroyed it. We've taken what was once an art, and slowly transformed it into nothing more than an insignificant jukebox with commercials and liner-readers for jocks.

We watch the steady decline in radio listenership, and witness new generations growing up without a passion for radio, but yet do nothing about fact, we just keep making it worse!

It's essential to understand that this blog is more than just a tool to vent. But rather an open discussion. And after we "complain" on this board, it's important that we come up with some solutions, and answers to the problems plaguing an industry that dies a little more each day. And a meaningless death it is...because we are doing it to ourselves.

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